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Dec 28, 2012 9:00pm PST
hands for the roundup and drive to abilene. who likes mr. kilgore's money? monty stewart? spanish charlie. this town must be getting deaf. i said i'm hiring for reece kilgore. if any of you got a case against him or me, holler out and i'll hear it. - looks like we ain't so popular, cassidy. - they don't speak up, i'll pick the ones i want. slim, i'll take you. cleary, i'll need you on the chuck wagon. knuckles, i got a long memory. - i'm working for the circle o. - you can quit. go tell 'em and get your bedroll. you, buck simpson. - i'll go. - now, that's what i like to hear. ramirez. you've been wiped out by the indians. how about a job? - i'll go. - you need a job that bad, i'll make you my deputy. - i can't ask my girl to marry me on deputy's pay. - it'll do till you can get started again. - she's waited for me long enough. - cassidy, you been having more brushes with the indians than anybody else. this time, drive your herd around the reservation, not across. - are you loco? - could be, but i'm wearing the star. - well, pin it on your britches. you're bustin' out of them. [lau
Dec 20, 2012 10:00pm PST
. a neighbor of yours, dan barton was ambushed and killed. oh no! mrs. barton was here wanting help. but oh the poor thing... i guess we better tell him. i heard ya. who did it? father don't get excited now. barton, was on monty elkheart's trail when he was shot. they've been fuding for years. that's good, that's good isn't it. we come out here for peace and quiet and... some crazy indian killer goes on the war path. oh father! we'll all be killed in our beds, that's what will happen. father stop it! there is nothing to worry about. nothing do you hear? that's right. this was a private fude between monty and barton, it doesn't include anyone else. of course, of course, i didn't mean to let go that way. sit down won't you? thank you. he's recovering from a physical and nervous breakdown. casued by over work. we came out here so we could recooperate. i guess i shouldn't have troubled you with this, but incidentally have you seen anything of a little old man with a beard? why a man like that came by last night and asked for a handout. he slept in the bunk house and i fed him again this morning
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2